Originally released in 1996, Come Find Yourself is the debut album byNew York based alternative band Fun Lovin' Criminals. Their musical style is primarily eclectic, covering styles such as Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz. Their songs often deal with life in New York City, as well as urban life in general, covering such issues as organized crime, recreational drug use, violence, poverty and politics.


The band gained a large following internationally, notably in northwest Europe, around the release of their first albums Come Find Yourself and Loco in the late '90s. Come Find Yourself includes the hit singles "The Fun Lovin' Criminal" and "King Of New York". The biggest hit on the album is "Scooby Snacks", featuring samples from films by Quentin Tarantino and a guitar sample from Tones On Tail "Movement Of Fear".


    1. The Fun Lovin' Criminal
    2. Passive/Aggressive
    3. The Grave And The Constant
    4. Scooby Snacks
    5. Smoke 'Em
    6. Bombin' The L
    7. I Can't Get With That
    8. King Of New York
    9. We Have All The Time In The World
    10. Bear Hug
    11. Come Find Yourself
    12. Crime And Punishment
    13. Methadonia