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With a career spanning over thirty years, INXS are one of the biggest rock groups in the world today. The Sydney band who originally made waves down under in 1982 with ‘The One Thing’ overcame the tyranny of distance to make their way into the American Top Thirty with the same song. The band’s UK impact was felt when the single ‘Need You Tonight’ from the album ‘Kick’ was released in 1987, peaking at number two and catapulted lead singer Michael Hutchence into the spotlight.


One in a rare line of frontmen to have become such a musical icon, Hutchence’s life has been well documented in the media. His career and personal life has been reported to be packed full with the stuff that true rock n roll legends are made of – wild times, beautiful women, countless awards and iconic look made him the ultimate 80s and 90s sex symbol around the world. Michael Hutchence lived the rock and roll life style to the extreme as INXS continued their success in the UK charts, until November 1997 when Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney. 


The band decided to take a year hiatus but re-grouped to perform with guest vocalists including Jimmy Barnes (1998) and Jon Stevens (2000) for the Sydney Olympics. 


The story of INXS continued in 2005 as they searched the US for a new guest vocalist in the show ‘Rock Star: INXS’, where J.D. Fortune was chosen from thousands of potential singers to front the band. Since then, INXS released the album ‘Original Sin’ which featured the likes of John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Tricky and Nikka Costa on guest vocals.


Having had tracks sampled by everyone from Big Pun feat. Beenie Man (‘Make Me Sweat’) to Rogue Traders (‘One of My Kind’) and most recently by Professor Green with his Number 3 UK hit ‘I Need You Tonight’, INXS has proved that their music is still as relevant now as it was three decades ago.


To date, INXS has sold over a staggering 30 million records worldwide, achieved 6 consecutive Top 10 UK and US albums, 23 UK hit singles, countless awards from peers and fans alike, and have performed over 5000 shows to over 25 million people in over 40 countries. The INXS stats speak for themselves: INXS are Australia’s greatest music export.




    1. Need You Tonight
    2. Mystify
    3. Suicide Blonde
    4. Taste It
    5. Original Sin
    6. Heaven Sent
    7. Disappear
    8. Never Tear Us Apart
    9. The Gift
    10. Devil Inside
    11. Beautiful Girl
    12. By My Side
    13. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
    14. Elegantly Wasted
    15. New Sensation
    16. What You Need
    17. Listen Like Thieves
    18. Just Keep Walking
    19. Bitter Tears
    20. Baby Don't Cry
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