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*Debut album from London singer-songwriter and winner of the prestigious BBC Sound of 2012 prize, who has supported Adele in concert and whose voice has been compared to the likes of Bill Withers.


Few records make such an instant impression as Home Again, the debut album by Michael Kiwanuka. Immersing the listener in a sound that is both modern and at the same time as familiar as the classics, it manages to strike the balance between being contemporary and somehow utterly timeless. 


On the evidence of the stunning Home Again, of course, Kiwanuka is clearly not a musician who should be wrestling with doubts. It is an album that is set to make the liquid-voiced singer an international name and touchits listeners in the same way as his favourite records inspired Michael Kiwanuka himself.


“I'd just like for the songs to mean something in people's lives,” he concludes. “That for me is what music ultimately is for. All of our favourite records, you can remember where you were when you first heard them. Or they might remind you of a time or someone. My hope is that these songs will move people.”




    1. Tell Me A Tale 
    2. I'm Getting Ready 
    3. I'll Get Along 
    4. Rest 
    5. Home Again 
    6. Bones 
    7. Always Waiting
    8. I Won't Lie 
    9. Any Day Will Do Fine 
    10. Worry Walks Beside Me
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