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Third release by the ska band and the album which is generally considered to have cemented the group's position in the canon of truly great British pop acts. Containing singles 'Cardiac Arrest', 'Shut Up' and the epic dub masterpiece, 'Grey Day', '7' showcases Madness's unique ability to fuse their inherent nuttiness with the sense of melancholy and foreboding that gives their music its edge and depth.


    1. Cardiac Arrest
    2. Shut Up
    3. Sign Of The Times
    4. Missing You
    5. Mrs. Hutchinson
    6. Tomorrow's Dream
    7. Grey Day
    8. Pac-A-Mac
    9. Promises Promises
    10. Benny Bullfrog
    11. When Dawn Arrives
    12. The Opium Eaters
    13. Day On The Town
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