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The ninth studio album by the Jamaican reggae band, originally released in June 1977. The album incorporates elements of blues, soul, British rock and funk. Unlike previous albums, 'Exodus' thematically moves away from cryptic story telling and instead revolves around themes of change, religious politics and sex. The album is split into two halves; the first half revolving around religious politics, while the second half is focused on themes of sex and keeping faith. Features the singles 'One Love/People Get Ready', 'Exodus', 'Waiting in Vain', 'Jamming', 'Three Little Birds' and 'Turn Your Lights Down Low'.


    1. Natural Mystic
    2. So Much Things To Say
    3. Guiltiness
    4. The Heathen
    5. Exodus
    6. Jamming
    7. Waiting In Vain
    8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
    9. Three Little Birds
    10. One Love/People Get Ready
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