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Released in 1970, a month before The Beatles' swansong 'Let It Be', 'McCartney' was Paul McCartney's first solo album. Notable for the fact that he performed all instruments and vocals himself, aside from some backing vocals performed by Linda, it's an album rich in experimentation, and the original home of hit single 'Maybe I'm Amazed'. The album achieved the number 1 position in the US and hit number 2 on the UK charts. This special edition includes the original 13-track album plus 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London.




    1. The Lovely Linda
    2. That Would Be Something
    3. Valentine Day
    4. Every Night
    5. Hot As Sun/Glasses
    6. Junk
    7. Man We Was Lonely
    8. Oo You    
    9. Momma Miss America
    10. Teddy Boy
    11. Singalong Junk
    12. Maybe I'm Amazed
    13. Kreen-Akrore
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