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Fourteenth studio album by the legendary British rock band, and the last to be released in lead singer Freddie Mercury's lifetime. The album features the singles 'Innuendo', which reached number one in the UK, 'I'm Going Slightly Mad', 'Headlong', 'I Can't Live with You', 'These Are the Days of Our Lives', released as a double A-Side with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the wake of Mercury's death, and also peaking at number on in the UK Singles Chart, and 'The Show Must Go On'.




    1. Innuendo
    2. I'm Going Slightly Mad    
    3. Headlong
    4. I Can't Live Without You
    5. Don't Try So Hard
    6. Ride the Wild Wind
    7. All God's People
    8. These Are the Days of Our Lives
    9. Delilah
    10. The Hitman
    11. Bijou
    12. The Show Must Go On
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