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KID A MNESIA collects Radiohead’s fourth and fifth albums alongside the debut of a newly compiled third disc titled Kid Amnesiae. Exclusive to this release, Kid Amnesiae is comprised of unearthed material culled from the Kid A / Amnesiac sessions. Along with alternate versions and elements of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-Sides, Kid Amnesiae features the never-before-heard "If You Say the Word” and a previously unreleased studio recording of "Follow Me Around.” 


    1. Everything In Its Right Place
    2. Kid A
    3. The National Anthem
    4. How To Disappear Completely
    5. Treefingers
    6. Optimistic
    7. In Limbo
    8. Idioteque
    9. Morning Bell    
    10. Motion Picture Soundtrack
    11. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
    12. Pyramid Song
    13. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
    14. You And Whose Army?
    15. I Might Be Wrong
    16. Knives Out
    17. Morning Bell/Amnesiac    
    18. Dollars & Cents
    19. Hunting Bears
    20. Like Spinning Plates
    21. Life In A Glasshouse
    22. Like Spinning Plates ('Why Us?' Version)    
    23. Untitled V1
    24. Fog (Again Again Version)
    25. If You Say The Word
    26. Follow Me Around
    27. Pulk/Pull ('True Love Waits' Version)    
    28. Untitled V2
    29. The Morning Bell (In The Dark Version)    
    30. Pyramid Strings
    31. Alt. Fast Track
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