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Usher's second album, 'My Way', established him as a young and skillful R&B artist with slow jams and memorable guest artists. This deluxe package features all-new album art that pays homage to the original cover from 1997. It features the original album in its entirety, bundled with three freshly reimagined tracks, plus instrumentals of said tracks, all produced by producer/drummer extraordinaire, Ryan James Carr.




    1. You Make Me Wanna...
    2. Just Like Me
    3. Nice & Slow
    4. Slow Jam
    5. My Way
    6. Come Back
    7. I Will
    8. Bedtime
    9. One Day You'll Be Mine
    10. You Make Me Wanna... (Extended Version)
    11. You Make Me Wanna (Ryan James Carr Remake)
    12. Nice & Slow (Ryan James Carr Remake)
    13. My Way (Ryan James Carr Remake)
    14. You Make Me Wanna (Ryan James Carr Remake - Instrumentals)
    15. Nice & Slow (Ryan James Carr Remake - Instrumentals)
    16. My Way (Ryan James Carr Remake - Instrumentals)
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