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Like a lucid Shane MacGowan fronting a frazzled house band, Yowl are a South London based 5 piece of menacing-indie storytellers, swinging from intense proto-punk to swooning balladry. Their debut album Milksick is released on Clue Records / EMI North.


Born from the grit and gristle of South London, the record is both a curdled, anxiety-riddled reaction and a bitter antidote to our times. Tearing through several iterations, birthing and destroying characters and concept-driven rabbit holes, the band liken Milksick's creation in Leeds' Nave Studios as something they "chipped away at, like a slab of ugly rock that became a handsome statue." The band returned to producer and grounding presence Alex Greaves, producer for BDRMM and Working Mens Club. Encapsulating the spirit of the record, the band say: "Milksick is a collection of outlandish cautionary tales, uneasy odes to imaginary characters and late night pedal-fuckery, all tied together by a thread of eco-anxiety and that mildly bitter, self-effacing outlook that has earned us our similarly disgruntled following." 




    1. Virile Crocodile Sweat 
    2. The Machine 
    3. Donkey's Jawbone
    4. Positive Exit 
    5. Canis 
    6. The Farmer's Big Spade
    7. Weedkiller 
    8. The Weatherman 
    9. A. Wegener 
    10. Idiot Daughters, Idiot Sons 
    11. Billy's Birds 
    12. A Birthday With David 
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