Searching Online For Coloured Vinyl For A Music-Lover?

Coloured vinyl is the perfect gift for anybody who loves music and is a fan of modern versions of this classic format.


Having a coloured disc gives an irresistible flair and uniqueness to an album. Modern discs can have bright and striking colours, with much more variety.


Coloured vinyl discs can be worth slightly more than those which are plain, and like the larger album covers of records compared to CDs or MP3, they are also much prettier to look at! Consequently, many record lovers enjoy collecting these types of discs.


Whether you’re looking for regular or coloured vinyl, Rival Records has an exciting choice of records to explore online and at our store in Devon.


We have many limited editions which come with coloured discs.


Among our range is A Winter of Coloured Drinks by Frightened Rabbit which turns 10 years old this year. Released in March 2010, it was celebrated by critics and is now being released with a blue ‘ice-cold’ disc that reflects its nautical theme. A Scottish indie band, Frightened Rabbit was formed in 2003 and sadly ended after the suicide of one of the two brothers in the band, Scott Hutchison, in 2018.


If you’re searching for classic and new albums in coloured vinyl, don’t forget to explore our collections today.

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