Where To Find Limited Edition Vinyl Releases Online

Limited edition releases are the most rewarding purchases that you can make as a record collector. It is par with popping into your local charity shop and seeing a discounted Bowie vinyl sitting and waiting for you.

At Rival Records we have a dedicated selection of limited edition vinyl releases which are perfect for adding to your collection. Whether you have been looking for a specific rare release or you just want to extend the vinyls you have on your shelf at home, our store is perfect.

Established as a leading Leeds vinyl record shop, Rival Records is also your online destination for limited edition vinyl releases.

Three limited edition vinyls you can get your hands on at Rival Records:

  • Frankie Cosmos – Quietly: The band’s fourth album is the one that has morphed from their usual sound. 21 tracks in a mixture of vinyl formats and digital make this a limited edition you need to get your hands on.

  • Alex Cameron – Miami Memory: Special edition sky blue vinyl is the canvas for this majestic, rollercoaster of an album about his true three-year relationship with his girlfriend.

  • Oasis – Definitely Maybe: They seem to split every music lover’s opinion, but their limited-edition vinyl - marking the 25th anniversary since the release of ‘Live Forever’ - is the addition any rock and roll enthusiast can enjoy.

To discover more about our limited edition vinyl releases at Rival Records, get in contact today.