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Whether you’re looking for new music or limited edition classic albums, Rival Records always has a great choice of vinyl.


Among our current range is Whoosh! By Deep Purple which was originally meant to be released in 2017 but was postponed until 2020. This is the band’s 17th studio album and is a must-have for fans.


Formed in 1968, Deep Purple was once listed in the Guinness Book of Records 1975 as being the ‘globe’s loudest band’ and a poll on radio station Planet Rock ranked them 5th among the ‘most influential bands ever’.


Another of our rock vinyl records is Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen which was first released in 1984 and was his fourth studio album. One of his highest-selling records, it had sold 30 million copies by 2012.


We also have Wake Up Sunshine by All Time Low with a limited edition custard and white splattered cover. This is just one of the many limited edition rock and pop vinyl records you can find on our website and in-store.


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