Exploring The World Of Vinyl Record Shops?

When it comes to the best choice of classic and new releases, Rival Records is one of the most popular vinyl record shops in Devon. We also make it easier than ever to order online, with great prices on the most sought-after releases.


Vinyl records are increasingly outselling CDs. This is hardly surprising given they’ve always been the more attractive form of recorded music. The plastic casing and small booklet of CDs don’t compare to the elegant cases of vinyl records.


Given that vinyl records have continued to sell for decades after they stopped being the most popular format, speaks volumes. Vinyl record shops are also a great way to meet fellow music lovers and discuss your favourite artists and albums.

Our best sellers include essentials for every collection, such as Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith, Rising by Rainbow, and Who’s Next by Who.


All these popular records are currently reduced to £11.99, making it a great time to build your collection. An independent family-run store, we love meeting music fans from all walks of life.


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If you’re searching for vinyl record shops, find out more about Rival Records today or explore our collections online.

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