Looking To Buy Vinyl Records Online?

Love vinyl records and want to enjoy the best in new music?


Whether you’re looking for limited editions or classic albums, we always have a great choice of vinyl records to buy online.


Vinyl has a unique charm that is impossible to mimic in other physical formats, nevermind the intangible formats like MP3 or streamed tracks. You not only have a tangible record to hold in your hands but the artwork is bigger, with the cover often one of the biggest draws for music fans.


There’s also something special about truly ‘owning’ the music you love, whether it’s your favourite Beatles record or the latest from your band of choice.


They also have a reputation for excellent sound quality and help music lovers to escape from screens. Many people love to buy classic vinyl records which significantly increase in value as the years pass.

Based in Devon, Rival Records are passionate about helping you buy the vinyl records you love online.


Whatever you might be looking for, our team has over 30 years of experience and can make recommendations if needed. Our current best sellers include records from Vampire Weekend, Interpol, Strokes, Bon Iver, Goat Girl, Libertines, Deerhunter, Savages, Bauhaus, Pixies, Cat Power, Daughter and many more.


If you’re looking to buy vinyl records online, why not explore our collections today?

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