Searching For Rock Vinyl Records At Competitive Price?

Are you a huge rock fan looking for the best vinyl records?


Rival Records cover a range of different genres including rock, pop and metal, with our records including those which are limited edition.


Our current collection of rock vinyl records include Lou Reed’s Transformer, the renowned second album that’s considered an influential landmark in glam rock. It’s hard to believe this record was released in 1972 given how fresh it sounds, with ‘Walk on the Wild Side’  and ‘Perfect Day’ probably the famous tracks.


Sadly, Lou Reed passed away in 2013 of alcohol-related liver disease but his influence lives on as a musician, songwriter and performer. Diagnosed with bi-polar, Lou Reed was a fascinating artist who had a solo career that spanned five decades.


Another of our rock vinyl records is Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, another record that was released in the 1970s and was recorded in New York City. This double-platinum record remains one of the most iconic of all time. It’s believed that many of the songs stemmed from Dylan’s personal difficulties at the time, particularly his estrangement from his then- wife Sarah.


Whatever genre of vinyl records you’re looking for, don’t forget to explore our collection at Rival Records today.

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