Pre-Orders On Limited Edition Records

Rival Records make it easy to make pre-orders on sought-after records, including limited formats. Keep an eye on our pre-sale page and you can find some real treasures.


Among our latest records available for pre-sale is Chemtrails Over the Country Club by Lana Del Ray which has a coloured vinyl. The seventh studio album from the American singer-songwriter, this album is due to be released on March 19th and is highly anticipated by her fans.


We also currently have the following limited edition records for presale:


●      Foo Fighters- Medicine at Midnight, which includes nine new songs including the new single Shame Shame.

●      Mogwai- As the Love Continues. This Scottish post-rock band formed in 1995 and has a unique sound influenced by a variety of genres.

●      Love and Death- Perfectly Preserved. An American Christian band, Love and Death was formed by former Korn guitarist Brian Welch.

●      Django Django- Glowing in the Dark. This band are known for their genre defying eclectic sound

●      The White Stripes- Greatest Hits. Formed in 1997, The White Stripes is an American rock-duo that rose to prominence in the garage rock revival scene in 2002. In 2015, they were named as one of the best rock duos of all time by Rolling Stone.


These are just a few of the limited edition formats available for pre-order.


Why not check out our latest records for sale at Rival Records today?

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