Record Store

Rival Records prides itself on having an incredible collection. We understand the joy that comes with a clean sound and a moment of relaxation. With our fantastic records, you’ll be able to sink away into that experience and enjoy music the way it was recorded.


We have a number of incredible classic hits available for you to enjoy. Head back to 1989 with the thunderous sounds of Queen’s The Miracle album. At an incredible price of only £17.99, this album has great songs such as the titular The Miracle as well as well known classics like I Want it All and My Baby Does Me.


Nowadays, with digital platforms being mainstream, the average consumer doesn’t actually own physical copies of their music, merely having downloaded and possibly burned the song onto a disk. At our Record Store, we understand the value of an authentic sound, of being able to collect vinyls and records, being able to build a library of sound that’s truly, You.


To get started with our incredible selection, or if you have any queries or questions, simply get in contact. Either give us a ring on the number: 0113 294 9621.

Or alternatively, fill out the provided form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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