Vinyl Shop Online

Are you looking for a Vinyl Shop Online, that gives you high quality vinyls at an incredible quality, letting you experience the greatest hits of the present and past with a crisp sound unlike any other?


That’s what we specialise in at Rival Records. We have perfected that cozy aesthetic, the feeling of getting away from the busy world and having a space to yourself, enjoying your memories and the wonderful sounds emanating from your vinyl.


At Rival Records, the process is easy, simply search for a hit you want, and you’ll find it on our store, alternatively, you can shop by genre. Getting the newest metal hits, classic pop hits and more. We even have a number of limited edition vinyls in rotation on our website, so if you’re looking for a sound unlike any other, that can’t be replicated, and that stands out in the crowd, you’re looking for the amazing items at Rival Records.


To find out more about the vinyls we have available, simply get in contact, either by filling out the provided form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, alternatively give us a ring on: 0113 294 9621

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