Three New Release You Need To Buy On Our Vinyl Store Online

The comeback and emphasis placed on vinyl in recent years can only be a good thing. Nothing beats placing down an LP and listening to the whole thing all the way through. No adverts, no interruptions, just music played as it was designed to be played.


Whether you’re just starting to build a collection, or you want to add to your stack of vinyls, you’ll need an online store you can trust.

At Rival Records we’re a leading vinyl store online where you can find everything from pop and rock through to limited edition releases. We’re always looking to host a diverse array of vinyls for our customers to buy online.

What are the best new releases on our vinyl store online?

Take a look at our latest releases and rereleases that could be primed and ready for your collection:

  1. Temples – Hot Motion: ‘You’re Either On Something’ is the lead single from this album that follows their unique modern psychedelic rock style.

  2. Bodega – Shiny New Model: A mini-album of eight tracks which seem to have them heading in a new direction. Bodega come on leaps and bounds after the success of their European tour.

  3. Wedding Present – Tommy: Accompanied by a rerelease of George Best, Wedding Present are bringing out two famed LPs. Tommy is a soundboard of their output between 1985 and 1987 with exclusive BBC session tracks thrown into the mix. 

To discover more about our vinyl store online, get in contact with our passionate team today.

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