Where To Buy Vinyl Records Online

Settling down and plonking your favourite album on your vinyl record player will be one of life’s little moments that get you through the hard times and the good. Whether it’s a rollercoaster of emotions or a classic rock album that you play, you will get to enjoy the unique depth of sound.

At Rival Records we are passionate about music and believe that our collection of unique, limited edition and new releases makes us an ideal choice for any music lover. If you are looking to buy vinyl records online, our store can provide you with everything you need.


Whether you need to complete your David Bowie collection, get your hands on your favourite Elvis Presley record or buy the latest Liam Gallagher album, we offer variety and reliability for your online purchase.

Where to buy vinyl records online?

By choosing Rival Records you will have the best chance of finding the albums, soundtracks and releases you are searching for. We are constantly trying to upgrade our selection to ensure we cater for an array of genres online.

You will find the perfect combination of rock, pop, metal and everything in between on our online store. No matter if you are adding to your growing collection of your favourite albums or you are starting out on your vinyl journey, we can become your ideal destination.  

Speak with our team today to see if we can help you!

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